Rose McGowan lost her sense of smell following a freak accident.

The 'Charmed' star was hit on the head with a car door five years ago and it left her unable to detect scents - though she does have ''super'' taste buds.

Speaking on the 'Off Menu' podcast, she said: ''I did a series of tests at Harvard because I lost my sense of smell in a freak accident. They were studying me because I could still taste which is normally interrelated.

''I got hit in the head with a car door in a freak valet accident in Los Angeles.''

The 45-year-old actress admitted losing her sense of smell has put her in some dangerous situations.

She said: ''Not being able to smell, I've had to get gas monitors for my house and things like that because I accidentally left the gas on one night and didn't know because I couldn't smell it.

''There are some inherent dangers that come with not smelling. I can only use bath products I have always used.''

And Rose - who is dating Rain Dove - admitted her ''extraordinary'' sense of taste can be overpowering.

She said: ''I'm what they call a super taster, I have extraordinary taste buds.

''Afterwards, everything became like a taste explosion and too much. That's why they were studying me at Harvard Medical School.

''I would go once every couple of months. I was in New York so would just go down to Boston which is a couple of states away.

''They would have strips on my tongue seeing the acid levels and trying to get me to smell things - but I couldn't.''