Actress Rose McGowan once broke into Los Angeles landmark the Ennis House because she was such a big fan of acclaimed architect Frank Lloyd Wright's work.

The Charmed star reveals she developed her love for design from her artist father, Daniel, but her passion for art could have landed her in big trouble.

She tells, "My dad always liked craftsmen, so I grew up taking field trips to Frank Lloyd Wright - not field trips, but like trips.

"I broke into Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis house actually. I climbed up a tree, across a wall and then I had to get into the house, all the while not being noticed by the minder...

"I broke in so I could look at Frank Lloyd Wright's dining room furniture because I had never seen it close up. It was very exciting. I'm a design freak."

The Ennis House is based on designs of ancient Mayan temples and was built in 1924 for retailer Charles Ennis and his wife Mabel.

It has since been designated a city, state, and national landmark.