Rose McGowan wanted to bring "punk rock" to 'Conan'.

The 37-year-old actress plays evil sorceress Marique in the new movie and she admits her "weird" sense of humour compelled her to push the role as far as she possibly could.

She said: "I tried to take it as far as it could go. I feel like I have a duty to be subversive. There's just some sort of like weird punk rock element inside of me.

"I don't look it, but my twisted, weird sense of humour that thinks, 'Oh, summer blockbuster. I know . I'm going to add an element of strange.' It's like my duty. It's an Elektra complex. We're going back to the Greeks here."

Rose's character has an elongated forehead and no eyebrows and the actress admits her bizarre look was one of the reasons why she wanted to take on the role.

She said: I saw the renderings of it and I was just so bowled over by the design work. I was like, fully on board. Incredibly uncomfortable and hard to move in.

"There's always something. But the whole look freed me up to be so operatically odd."