Actress Rose McGowan has reportedly split with fiance Robert Rodriguez - because of financial difficulties on forthcoming film BARBARELLA.
The Grindhouse star was set to take the lead in a remake of the 1968 cult classic, with Rodriguez directing the movie.
But the couple have now allegedly split following disagreements over the film's money problems.
MCGowan apparently wasn't a big enough box office draw for the $70 million (GBP35 million) remake, after her 2007 film Grindhouse only grossed $25.4 million (GBP12.7 million).
A source tells the New York Post's gossip column PageSix, "Too bad Grindhouse didn't gross $100 million (GBP50 million). Then, maybe, Barbarella would have gotten the green light.
"Instead, the moguls were saying, 'We need a bigger star, a bigger name.'"
The project was reportedly set to be axed by Universal Studios in October (07), because of Rodriguez's decision to cast girlfriend MCGowan in the lead role.
The screen beauty fell for the filmmaker on the set of Planet Terror, one half of the double bill Grindhouse, and the couple went public with their relationship in May that year - shortly after Rodriguez filed for divorce from his wife of 16 years, Elizabeth Avellan.