The Bridesmaids star teamed up with four girlfriends to launch The Dollhouse Pictures last year (15), and Rose admits she was driven to do her part to promote more female-focused projects after the success of Reese's Pacific Standard firm, which she founded in 2014 and used to produce films like Gone Girl and Wild.

"Reese is probably my biggest inspiration," the new mum revealed to Australia's The Daily Telegraph.

However, Byrne confessed learning how to run her own business has been tough.

"It's definitely been challenging," she said. "Being on the other side of things and discovering how projects are developed, and how difficult it is to find funding - it's a whole different way of working for me, but I'm learning a lot."

Adding to the pressure of turning The Dollhouse Pictures into a success is Rose's new role as a mother to son Rocco, with her actor boyfriend Bobby Cannavale.

Even though little Rocco, who was born in February (16), is still young, she reveals she would be open to her boy following in her famous parents' footsteps when he is old enough, because it really helped Rose overcome her shyness as a kid.

"It actually worked," she recalled of her parents' decision to encourage her take her to acting classes. "It really did. I think that was one of the reasons my parents thought it would be so good for me.

"I'd encourage every kid to do it, because it's all about collaboration and imagination, and I think it's really beneficial when you're growing up."

For now, Rose is excited about the prospect of introducing Rocco to all things Australian when she heads Down Under this autumn (16) to star in the Sydney Theatre Company's production of David Mamet satire Speed-The-Plow.

"I can't wait!" she exclaimed of her son's first Aussie experience. "I'm so thrilled to do that! I'm so proud of being Australian; my greatest asset is my Australian passport."