Rose Byrne likes being anonymous.

Despite starring in 'Bridesmaids' - a worldwide box office success in 2011 - the actress admits she's not recognised that often, but she doesn't mind as it means she can get on with her everyday business without being bothered.

She said: ''If people recognise me, it's from 'Bridesmaids'. But I'm a pretty anonymous person. I live in New York, so I don't get recognised much. I look quite different from all my characters. They always wear a dress, get a manicure. I'm in trainers and jeans every day.''

As well as dressing differently from her characters, Rose - who is currently starring in comedy 'I Give It A Year' - says she has a completely different personality to them as well.

She told Britain' Esquire magazine: ''In 'Bridesmaids' and 'I Give It A Year' they're both really highly strung women with lists of what they want, what's right and what's required of them.

''I'm more relaxed in my nature. I've never had a list. I keep things sweet, follow what I feel is right rather than run my life.

''I'm pretty down-to-earth.''