Actress Rosario Dawson can't believe her luck after landing one of the few female roles in Oliver Stone's ALEXANDER THE GREAT - because she gets to watch hunky men in sexy skirts.

The JOSIE + THE PUSSYCATS star is having a great time in Morocco filming the historical epic and watching co-stars like Colin Farrell and Jared Leto letting it all hang out.

She giggles, "All the men are wearing skirts. It's 300 BC and they've been doing bootcamp for the past couple of weeks and they've been working out and getting all studly and big and buff. It's pretty great.

"They've lost their modesty because it's really hot in Morocco - they'll be horseback riding and they kind of pop out of their outfits and they're just like, 'Whatever.'

"I'm single, so I'm really enjoying this. There's very few women on the set - it's like me, the costume designer and the dialect coach, and we're all just like, 'Prance, turn around, swing those hips. Yes.'"

26/09/2003 09:06