Gorgeous actress Rosario Dawson was initially scared when approached by film-makers Larry Clark and Harmony Korine in the street to star in their film - she thought they were "freaks".

The sultry 25TH HOUR beauty was just 15 when she took a starring role in Clark's 1995 controversial movie KIDS, and she was unnerved by the unorthodox way in which she was spotted while hanging out in New York.

She says, "Harmony Korine and Larry Clark came walking down the street scouting locations for their movie, Kids. They spotted me, ran over and Harmony began talking a mile a minute.

"'This character I wrote,' he said. 'You're the one I saw in my head! You have to be in the movie!' And Larry is being so superfly cool, going, 'Yeah, we're filmmakers, we're making a movie.' And I'm like, 'Yeah, right, who are these freaks?' I thought for sure they were scamming me.

"But a few weeks later...poof! At 15, I was suddenly an actress."