Rosario Dawson went on a ''journey'' to help create her foundation's latest collection.

The 35-year-old actress and co-founder of Studio One Eighty Nine - a foundation that uses fashion as an agent for social change by showcasing the work of African artisans - has spoken about producing their latest ready-to-wear 'Fashion Rising Collection'.

She said: ''It's been quite a journey and now that we are on our third collection we've really identified the different communities we want to work with.

''We know we can scale and take a big order like any other fashion house and now we're ready to present it.''

The 'Sin City' star set up Studio One Eighty Nine after travelling to Africa with her childhood friend Abrima Erwiah in 2013 in a bid to help women who have been victims of rape and sexual violence.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''We were so attracted to the incredible talents and beautiful artisan crafts and art.

''What's so beautiful in quality about this is that you know that each piece, because it is handmade, is a piece of art in itself.''

The brunette beauty added: ''We consider all of the people we work with artists so it's nice to challenge them and say, 'Hey, this is a material you've never worked with before, but try it.''

The hand crafted spring/summer 2015 'Fashion Rising Collection', launches exclusively on today (10.02.15) featuring unique prints on 100 per cent cotton pieces.

The line is composed of 17 designs including tops, dresses, accessories and coats for both men and women with prices starting at £50.