Rosario Dawson didn't have a date for her high school prom.

The 33-year-old actress - who is currently in a relationship with director Danny Boyle - insists she wasn't always a hit with guys.

She admitted: ''I went to prom stag.''

The brunette beauty recently ran into her high school crush and she blasted him for making her feel ''invisible''.

According to the New York Post newspaper, he told her: ''You didn't look like that in high school.''

She replied: ''Yeah, I did, and you are just confirming that I was invisible to you. That's fine. Moving on.''

Rosario has previously revealed her mother Isabel was very open about sex with her when she was a teenager because she didn't want her daughter to follow in her footsteps and get pregnant at a young age.

The 'Sin City' star said: ''My mom Isabel was pregnant with me when she was just 16, and she taught me not to get pregnant when I was young. She raised me talking to me about sex, maybe a little too early. But she made sure I had the choices she didn't have. I wanted to go travelling and wanted to do this and that.

''So I have avoided getting pregnant, and marriage. I am not against either. But my mom did not marry my biological dad, who I've never even met. She married Greg (Dawson) when I was a baby and I regarded him as my real dad.''