Rosario Dawson is keen to play a Klingon in the upcoming 'Star Trek' sequel.

The 31-year-old beauty has revealed she is a huge fan of the sci-fi franchise, and has launched a petition on micro-blogging site twitter in the hope of convincing director J. J. Abrams to give her a small part in the second 'Star Trek' film.

She explained: "I'm a big Trekkie. I've been very good at hiding it. I was trying to keep it cool and now the cat is out of the bag.

"I love J. J. Abrams, I've got a whole petition going online on twitter that I could be in the next film, just a Klingon, something, anything at one point! Just go on and say 'Kapla' or something. Then I'd be happy, I'd be very, very satisfied."

While it is perhaps unlikely her looks will make any difference to her chances of securing a 'Star Trek' role, the 'Sin City' star recently admitted she feels "skinny and young" in her native New York, but is stunned by the amount of times she has been asked to lose weight in Hollywood.

Rosario said: "I'm on the East Coast a lot and I feel uber skinny and super young. I come to California and I feel fat and old. I'm 31, I'm starting to get old. I'm not emaciated. The amount of times I've been told to lose weight is unbelievable, I kid you not."