Rosario Dawson calls Danny Boyle a ''kindred spirit''.

Although the 33-year-old actress recently split from her 56-year-old 'Trance' director, they are still close pals and she would love to work with him again.

She said: ''He's amazing. I think we've found kindred spirits in each other, I'd love to work with him again.''

Rosario's character strips under hypnosis in 'Trance' but Rosario didn't have a problem shedding her clothes onscreen.

She said: ''I didn't care. It wasn't like they got me to walk around like a chicken, that would have been embarrassing.''

It was claimed last month that Danny and Rosario looked ''very cosy'' at the world premiere of the thriller in London.

An onlooker told BANG Showbiz: ''Danny and Rosario didn't look awkward around each other, nor did they avoid each other on the red carpet. In fact, they looked very cosy at the premiere.

''They did a group photo with James [McAvoy] and Vincent [Cassel], and Danny had his arm around Rosario's back and they appeared to be sharing a chat, whispering in each other's ears and laughing in between photos. They seemed friendly with each other.''