Rosario Dawson and ex-boyfriend Danny Boyle are not on good terms.

The 33-year-old 'Sin City' actress and Oscar-winning 'Slumdog Millionaire' director, who ended their ''unlikely'' romance earlier this month, reportedly went out of their way to avoid each other while promoting their new movie 'Trance' in Los Angeles over the weekend.

A source told ''Rosario and Danny didn't interact during interviews. It was pretty obvious they're no longer a couple. He was talking to a group of people when she arrived and it was awkward - like a cold greeting, no hug, and they got through it as quickly as possible.''

The former couple got together after Danny cast the American beauty in his new movie last year.

Despite their 23-year age gap, the former couple were a great match according to friends and had a lot in common.

An insider previously explained: ''She's not your typical selfish Hollywood actress. She grew up in a New York squat and Danny's dad was a labourer. Politically, they are on the same page and I guess it doesn't hurt that Danny thinks Rosario is very sexy.''

A friend close to the 56-year-old British moviemaker previously admitted no one was surprised by the split, saying: ''It's all over. It's very sad, but they always were an unlikely couple, in many ways.''