Rosario Dawson accidentally hypnotised her friend while preparing for 'Trance'.

The 33-year-old actress plays a hypnotherapist who becomes embroiled in a gang's attempts to recover a lost painting in Danny Boyle's mind-bending thriller, but Rosario got more than she bargained for when she put her hypnotherapy training into practice - to almost disastrous consequences.

Speaking on French TV, she revealed: ''I hypnotised one of my friends, but it was by accident! It was interesting, I recorded one of the trances that you hear in the film's trailer, and we were driving through the French countryside and everything felt very remote and far away and I started to say the very soft, relaxing words and doing this trance.

''My friend was actually the one driving on the motorway and she nearly crashed because she started to doze off. It worked! I was very pleased!''

Aside from narrowly avoiding an accident, the star thinks it's a good idea to put her gritty, emotionally-challenging roles behind her for a while to star in a comedy - preferably involving vampires.

Discussing her future in film, she said: ''I've always wanted to do a corset drama - maybe something with a vampire. That'd be awesome.

''I want to do something a bit more fun, the last couple of films I've done I've had really tough characters centred around abuse and violence and I want to do a comedy, something more light-hearted.''