Actor BRIAN O'HALLORAN has lavished praise on his CLERKS II co-star Rosario Dawson, insisting other actresses muted for the part wouldn't have fitted in with the film's lewd humour. The 41-year-old grew nervous when executive producer Harvey Weinstein gave director Kevin Smith a surprising list of actresses to be considered for the main female role, but his fears resided when Dawson arrived on set and joined in with the film series' running gag about a sex act performed on a donkey. He recalls, "We were kind of nervous in the beginning, because Harvey Weinstein had given Kevin a list of women. Kevin wanted to do the film with the four guys from the original and unknowns for the other roles, but Harvey was like, 'Absolutely not. You've got to give me a name actress at least.' "But some of the names were really weird - like Rachel Weisz. I can just imagine what she would have been like: 'Are you serious? A donkey show? Am I being Punk'd?' "When we were on set, (co-star) JEFF (ANDERSON) asked her, 'Rosario, seriously, how much are they paying you? Why did you say yes?' And she said, 'I wanted to see the donkey show.' We were like, 'That's our chick.'"