Actress Rosario Dawson wants her new film to come with a stern warning because it features graphic rape scenes. The Sin City star plays a rape victim who tracks down her attacker and hires a friend to anally rape him in harrowing new movie Descent. And Dawson insists the film isn't for regular cinemagoers, who will be left disturbed by the violent scenes. She says, "It was horrifying for me to watch it. It was horrifying for all of us to do it and we warn people before they go and see it. "But it's also really amazing how much the affect is. It really humanised a lot of us who are part of this experience because it brought up a really deep conversation that most of us don't ever want to talk about." Dawson rejects criticism that the film is simply shocking for shock's sake, insisting rape is on the rise and it should be an issue that everyone is concerned about. She adds, "It wasn't this burning desire to put myself through or anybody we cared about, or an audience necessarily through it, but it's real and it's honest and it's a reality. We need to create a discussion for this. There's never enough. "We can't bring this up enough because it happens in such disgusting numbers. One in four women will be raped, killed or abused in this country and that needs to stop. "My mom used to work at a woman's shelter when I was 10 years old. I've been around this issue for a long time."