Actress Rosario Dawson knew her new film SEVEN POUNDS would break hearts when she sobbed all the way through a script reading.
The Latino star plays a woman battling a heart condition who falls for Will Smith's character in the film - and she challenges everyone not to be deeply moved by the movie - and its message.
She sat down to read the script for the first time on a flight to Los Angeles with her mother and grandmother - and couldn't stop crying, particularly when she read the climax of the story.
Dawson says, "I loved it (script) so much and then (I) read the ending... I'm not a public crier per se, and I'm just sitting on this plane with people... I was a weepy mess."
And she was relieved when she discovered co-star Smith was just as touched by the film.
She adds, "We just went to a screening... and I was sitting there... crying, with a tissue, trying to be cool about it.
"Will walked out crying and I was like, 'Oh, thank God - not just me.'"