Rosario Dawson called on all her acting skills when she created her new comic book, OCT: OCCULT CRIMES TASKFORCE, because she had to pose for the storylines' pictures. The Sin City star and her uncle GUS, a comic book artist, came up with the idea for the new venture and decided to base their heroine, SOPHIA ORTIZ, on the actress. Dawson explains, "(The art) is based off of photographs. It's really interesting because we go over the story and whatever is needed (I pose for). "There's this one (frame) in the second issue, that's gonna come out, where I'm holding a shotgun, and we actually took that photo in my uncles' living room with a broomstick. But I looked bad-a** with that broomstick." The actress is thrilled with her debut comic, which has a very dark storyline: "The premise is Manhattan was sold by the native Indians so cheaply as vengeance against the Pilgrims 'cos they knew it was a vortex of magical energy."