MEN IN BLACK II star Rosario Dawson is planning to fight disorderly conduct and obstruction charges against her.

The actress was arrested last year (AUG04) for breaking a little-known New York state rule, which forbids protestors from covering their faces, while filming a scene for a new film in the midst of a real-life rally at the Republican National Convention.

The 25-year-old star was wearing two handkerchiefs on her face with only her eyes showing and reportedly refused when ordered by police to move on.

When THIS REVOLUTION director STEPHEN MARSHALL attempted to show cops he had a city film permit, he and Dawson were arrested.

Dawson, who denies police claims that she refused to move on, has moved to dismiss the charges against her. This request was denied in a Manhattan court yesterday (09MAR05).

The actress and director Marshall will stand trial next week (beg14MAR05).

10/03/2005 21:33