Actress Rosario Dawson is so committed to her boyfriend Jason Lewis' dogs, she's altered her diet so they can live with her.

The 25TH HOUR star is currently in San Francisco, California, shooting the film adaptation of acclaimed musical RENT, and while she's there she's decided to take care of her beau's two dogs - even though she's allergic to them.

She says, "We're gonna be up there for so long and I didn't wanna be in hotel so I thought I'd take on (Jason's) dogs. He's got these two big beautiful ridgebacks but I am allergic to them so I thought I would just try it out and do a diet change...

"I'm allergic to pollen so I eat honey that's from the area because the bees take in the pollen from the area that you're in. So when you eat the honey it helps to acclimate you.

"So with the dogs I get congestion problems so I took out dairy from my diet and it's been really helping, actually, with the dogs, which is great. I get to play with them."

Dawson, who has also cut refined sugar and flour from her diet, adds, "I have to hand in my New York card! I can't have pizza! It's really terrible, but only for six months. I couldn't do it forever."

30/03/2005 02:30