Actress Rosario Dawson avoided injury in car stunts on the set of new action film DEATH PROOF - and then got hit on her way to an interview to promote the film. The Sin City star was left shaken and more than a little amused when the car taking her to a TV appearance last week (ends30MAR07) was involved in a collision - after she'd survived a series of hair-raising chases while making the film. Dawson says, "Just before the premiere I got into a car accident. They had hired a driver for me, I was doing a bunch of press and stuff and he made a right turn that he shouldn't have made and I was in the back seat and we got hit on my side. "I was like, 'I'm gonna get taken out by some L.A. driver after I was doing stunt cars for six weeks. "Everything we were doing was so dangerous and then of course the one time I actually do get hurt was randomly on, like, Fairfax (street in Los Angeles). Luckily nothing terrible happened but it definitely shook me up a little bit."