ALEXANDER star Rosario Dawson appeared in New York's Manhattan criminal court on Thursday (20JAN05) to ask for charges against her to be dropped, after she was arrested for wearing a mask in the midst of a protest.

The actress was arrested in August (04) while playing the role of a masked protester near the REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION. Local police didn't take kindly to Dawson's attire as it's illegal to cover your face during a protest in New York.

American TV show CELEBRITY JUSTICE reports that TANYA BRAGANTI, the photographer who took the pictures of Dawson's arrest, says the screen beauty, another actress and the director were handcuffed and taken into custody.

All three were charged with obstruction and disorderly conduct. The mayor's office says the film was approved for shooting but in a different location.

Dawson's defence had filed a motion asking the judge to dismiss her case, but the prosecution filed a response asking the judge to reject that request.

The actress must return to court in March (05).

24/01/2005 09:47