Rosario Dawson has urged Los Angeles motorists to take more care on the city's roads because she's tired of having to avoid airheads who swerve into her lane while painting their nails behind the wheel.
The actress was taught the rules of the road by her motorcyclist father and she's strict about what she does and doesn't do when she's driving - but is annoyed others aren't as diligent.
She complains, "I moved to L.A. three years ago, so the whole driving thing is very new to me... I'm really not big on being on the phone in general, but I'm definitely not big on it in the car.
"I always take the opportunity to listen to music and look around me. I like driving a lot. I've been driving and there's a woman wading into my lane and she's painting her toe nails as she's driving!
"People that are born in L.A. think they can drive with their eyes closed but you can't. My dad's a motorcyclist and I like riding motorcycles so I'm really aware of the road.
"I can't believe there are still so many people on the phone, despite all the laws. I mean, 'You can wait five minutes or go to a stop sign or pull over, or wait 20 minutes to get to the location to send a text?'"