Screen star Rosario Dawson and her mother ISABEL have enraged neighbours in their low-rent New York apartment block by reportedly failing to pay their "dues" of $100 (GBP55) per month.

The Sin City actress grew up in the East Village tenement, which is intended for those living on a modest budget, but fellow residents are incredulous she continues to live there despite her current wealth.

One angry tenant fumes to website, "She's a multi-millionaire. Our building is for low-income people."

Another raging resident reveals Rosario's mohawk-sporting mother Isabel fights constantly with fellow tenants and associates with a "rough crowd" outside the building - which is where the teenage Rosario was spotted by KIDS director Larry Clark in 1995.

But Isabel hits back, "I've lived here 19 years - you're bound to have altercations with some people.

"Wherever Rosario decides to live - especially the building she grew up in as a little girl - she has that right.

"Whoever called (Page Six) is a sad person and they need to get a life. I'm sad about it. And I'm sad my daughter gets dragged into it because of who she is."