Actress Rosario Dawson blasted an ignorant movie fan at a recent screening of her harrowing new rape film after he suggested her character was "really rough" on her attacker. The Sin City star's character in Descent is brutally assaulted and then seeks revenge on her attacker, hiring a friend to anally rape him - and she was left furious when one fan sided with the film's rapist. Dawson tells, "The whole rape thing was just making me really, really angry. At the first screening we had a Q + A, and a man said, 'It looked like she was into it when she was raped and then she really is rough on him at the end.' "I'm like, 'What movie were you watching?'" Dawson reveals her co-star, Chad Faust, really struggled with the rape scenes: "Poor Chad Faust was devastated when we filmed those scenes. At one point he burst into tears, and I had to console him between takes."