Rosamund Pike wrote to Rob Marshall to ask to play Mary Poppins.

The 39-year-old actress - who has sons Solo five, and Atom, three, with partner Robie Uniacke - felt it was worth reaching out to the filmmaker to let him know she was interested in playing the magical nanny in long-awaited sequel 'Mary Poppins Returns', but the role went to Emily Blunt.

She recalled to Total Film magazine: ''[I wrote] 'Just so you know, I would really love to be Mary Poppins.'

''It's worth putting your hat in the ring for things sometimes.''

When it comes to choosing her roles, Rosamund - who can next be seen playing a German terrorist in Jose Padilha's 'Entebbe' - wants to work with directors who are passionate about the project.

She explained: ''I really want to know the director has to make the film. It's not just a job.

''I felt that very strongly with Jose for 'Entebbe.

''You want to know, Does this person have a strong take? Is it in their blood?''

Meanwhile, the British actress admitted she found it very ''traumatic'' working on 'Hostiles', in which she played a mother who lost her family in a violent attack.

She said: ''I've had to live in a very, very dark place for a while.

''It was really traumatic. It felt very real.

''When I re-watch that, I feel it was something I lived, rather than something I acted in.''

But Rosamund is thankful directors have given her opportunities to push herself with her performances.

She said: ''I think it's to do with being free to experiment. I think directors see that I'm prepared to get my hands dirty.

''You test your limits of your comfort zone. It seems unnatural and yet you feel surprisingly comfortable... it's a chance to do something that potentially could fail. It's a risk, right?''