Rosamund Pike likes behaving "like a 21 year old" in nightclubs.

The 31-year-old actress discovered a love of late-night clubbing while recently filming a movie in Montreal, Canada and has reverted to her younger self by staying up all evening and "losing her mind".

She said: "I'd go completely sober and just dance. It's like literally losing my mind.

"It's payback time. When I did a Bond film, everyone thought I was 30. So now if I want to behave like a 21 year old, I f***ing well will."

The 'Made in Dagenham' star used to find she wanted to fit in, but growing up has taught her she is not "normal".

She said: "Back then, I wanted to be as normal as possible. Now, I don't mind not being normal, I realise I don't fit in."

Despite being famed for her beauty, London-born Rosamund doesn't believe it was the case when she was a child.

She told Culture magazine: "I am the last person to think of looks before personality. I spent my teenage years relying solely on wit because I never looked sweet and girly enough for boys. Words were my weapons."