Rosamund Pike was exposed to ''mature ideas'' as a child.

The 37-year-old actress found it ''intoxicating'' spending a lot of time backstage with her opera singer parents and always felt like she moved in an ''adult world''.

Speaking of why she loves novel 'The Go-Between' by L.P. Hartley, she said: ''I read this as a teenager and identified with the young boy, Leo. He goes to stay in a big house and thinks he's in a world of gods and goddesses who are actually all of the grown-ups.

''Two of them, enraptured in a love affair, start using him as a go between.

''That feeling of moving in an adult world was familiar to me. My parents are opera singers and I spent a lot of time backstage.

''Opera deals with big, dramatic things - affairs of the heart, murder - so there was a wonderful exposure to very mature ideas.

''I was a fly on the wall - nothing inappropriate, but it was exciting for me to be around grown-ups and stay up late. I found it very intoxicating.''

The 'A United Kingdom' actress loves to read, but isn't looking for escapism when she settles down with a good book.

She explained: ''I'm not really looking for my novels to give me an escape into fantasy, I've always wanted reality.

''It's linked to what I do as actor, getting into someone else's head.''

Rosamund's passion for the printed word began at a young age because she didn't have a television in her parents' home.

She told Britain's ELLE magazine: ''The Moomins and Enid Blyton were what got me into reading. We lived in a cottage in Lincolnshire for a while with no TV, so we'd sit by the fire with books or play cards.''