Rosamund Pike ''barely spoke'' to Christian Bale during the making of their new movie.

Th 38-year-old actress and Christian both star in the new Scott Cooper-directed period film 'Hostiles', but Rosamund has admitted she hardly even spoke to her fellow Brit, because it helped with the shooting process.

The blonde beauty confessed: ''Christian and I barely spoke, and to this day we hardly know each other.''

In the movie, Rosamund plays the part of Rosalie Quaid, a suicidal widow who is struggling to come to terms with the murder of her family.

And the London-born actress revealed she felt a sharp contrast between the joy of her real life and the gloominess she experienced on set.

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper, Rosamund explained: '''I sometimes felt very troubled that I could be in that space (playing the character), but then be fortunate enough to go home, and my children be alive. They were on location with me the whole time.''

But the award-winning actress - who has two sons with her long-time partner Robie Uniacke - revealed she doesn't draw on her real-life experiences when she's trying to get into character for a film.

She said: ''I keep my own life very much out of it. Some actors do imagine their own tragedy, but I do not.''

Despite this, the Hollywood star admitted her children had, albeit inadvertently, helped her to secure the role in 'Hostiles'.

Recalling her initial conversation with the director, Rosamund said: ''Scott said that he Skyped with me, and my kids were clambering on me, and running about, and he saw this maternal instinct and that's what he wanted. The moment you're unprofessional is the moment that actually sells it.''