Irish superstars U2 paid tribute to late African-American civil rights icon Rosa Parks last week (25OCT05), praising the Alabama heroine for her "quiet dignity and strength".

Parks, who made headlines almost 50 years ago (01DEC1955) when she challenged Alabama's segregation laws and refused to give up her seat on a bus for a white man, died in Detroit, Michigan on Monday (24OCT05) of natural causes.

At U2's Detroit concert last week, frontman Bono dedicated two songs, ONE and PRIDE (IN THE NAME OF LOVE) to Parks, as well as name-checking her as he sang WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME, saying, "From Rosa Parks in America to Nelson Mandela in Africa."

Bono added, "Because of her quiet dignity and strength, America became a better, changed country. This song is dedicated to the mother of American civil rights movement Rosa Parks - God Bless you in your rest."