LATEST: The long-running legal battle between civil-rights icon Rosa Parks and hip-hop act Outkast looks set to end, after Parks' family announced she is mentally unfit to fight in court.

RHEA McCAULEY, one of Parks' 13 nieces and nephews, claims 91-year-old Park is unaware she's been involved in the five-year-old dispute over the track from Outkast's platinum 1998 album AQUEMINI.

Parks' lawyers sued Outkast's parent label BMG, claiming the company was profiting from her name, which is a registered trademark. The lawsuit also alleges the conglomerate defamed her name and legacy as a civil rights pioneer for African-Americans.

McCauley tells American newspaper USA TODAY, "It's not something Auntie Rosie would ever have wanted.

"She was very unconcerned about money but very concerned about her privacy. This would not be the way she would want to be remembered."

Parks' lawyer GREGORY REED is also confident a deal can be made before the trial starts on 10 January (05).

He says, "I take it as a very good sign that matters appear to be moving forward. It's time, for the sake of Mrs Parks, that everyone gets together to resolve this."

02/01/2005 13:24