Martin Luther King Jr, the influential American civil rights leader, was assassinated 43-years-old ago today (4th April 2011), reports the New York Daily News.
King rose to prominence as a pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Alabama in the 1950's. It was there that he was inspired by figures such as Rosa Parks and he soon became a figurehead for the civil rights movement. He organised the famous 'March on Washington D.C.' in 1963, where he delivered his epic 'I Have a Dream' speech. In 1968, King was assassinated in Memphis by James Earl Ray, he was 29-years-old. King's son Martin Luther King Iii is using the anniversary of his father's death to launch a new city wage proposal in New York. In a statement released today, King says, "New York City offers a national road map for continuing my father's unfinished work of economic justice. A majority of City Council members back the legislation. Now I urge the rest to embrace it".
Religious and political leaders from around the world are planning to commemorate the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr's death by publically reading excerpts of the civil rights leader's comments on economic justice.