Rooney Mara's ''subconscious'' guides her to her movie roles.

The 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' actress doesn't have particular way of choosing what projects she takes on next, but she relies on her instinct.

She told Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''I can't say how I choose roles, it's just a feeling or instinct about certain things.

''I am sure a lot of it is subconscious - choosing things you want to explore or get out of your system.

''I wouldn't say I could play any role - not well anyway.''

The 35-year-old star doesn't have a ''favourite'' of her own movies but isn't really comfortable watching herself on screen anyway.

She said: ''I don't have a favourite. I like different things about different films.

'''A Ghost Story' was the most enjoyable to watch - probably because I'm not in a lot of it and it was so meditative and strange and beautiful.''

Rooney recently admitted she is happy to ''suffer for her art'' because there is a lot to learn from having an ''awful'' movie-making experience.

She said: ''There's something to be said about having an awful experience. You learn so much about yourself when you have a challenging experience.

''But I guess it depends in what kind of way it would be a bad experience. There are certain things I don't want to compromise on. But I'm not against suffering for your art!''

She has also previously spoken about working on 'A Ghost Story' alongside Casey Affleck and she had a great time filming the production because it was a ''secret'' shoot.

She explained: ''With 'A Ghost Story', I thought the script was beautiful. David [Lowery] is such a good writer.

''And it just sounded like a lot of fun, making something with your friends that no-one else really knows about.

''He emailed me, 'I'm doing this thing. No-one knows about it, not even my agent. I just wanna make something again.'

''It was really fun, five to six days of shooting for me. Such a small crew. So unofficial.''