Rooney Mara's personal style is ''lazy''.

The actress favours a simple and effortless look and has a wardrobe bursting with basic items in neutral colours so she never has to think about what to wear.

She told Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''My everyday style is quite lazy. I don't have to put that much thought or effort into what I wear, which is why most of my clothes are black, white and grey. I just like it to be simple and comfortable.''

The 28-year-old brunette is equally low-key when it comes to her make-up routine and focuses on achieving a clean-looking complexion.

Rooney explained: ''My signature look is very simple and easy. I like to wear my hair back off my face so I don't have to worry about it. Just clean skin, strong eyebrows and sometimes a lip. I like a clean look; no tricks, no fuss, easy and simple.''

The 'Side Effects' star tried to pick up beauty tips from her older sister, fellow actress Kate Mara, when they were growing up, but they soon decided it was a ''hopeless'' task.

She said: ''I'm horrible at putting on make-up, so she has tried to help me in that department because she is really good at it. But I'm still pretty hopeless.''

Rooney is less complacent when it comes to her fitness regime and says her favourite activity is kickboxing.

She revealed: ''I still do kickboxing because I loved it so much from '[The Girl with the] Dragon Tattoo]'. I also do a ballet-inspired Pilates workout and I run and hike. I like to change it around a lot.''