Rooney Mara claims she ''loves to eat'' and doesn't avoid carbs.

The ''Ain't Them Bodies Saints'' star claims her slender frame and reported 24'' waist isn't down to dieting because she eats ''all the time'', and suggests her vegan lifestyle helps her keep trim.

She told the New York Post: ''Of course I eat, I eat a lot. I love to eat. But I'm a vegan. I eat all the time. I even eat bread - especially if it's good and if I get it free.''

The petite actress - who stands at just 5''3 - is the currently the face of Calvin Klein's latest fragrance 'DOWN TOWN' but insisted she would never reveal her body about her stellar beauty shot for US Vogue's February cover.

Rooney said: ''I don't examine myself that closely. Happy it looks good, but if it didn't I'm not going to admit that to you. Why would I tell you my flaws if you don't see them yourself?''

The 27-year-old revealed last month she is drawn to ''natural beauty'' and opts to wear very little make-up.

She insisted: ''For me, natural beauty is something I've always been drawn to. I still don't really wear make-up in my everyday life and I would be horrible at even trying to do it to myself!''