Actor Ronny Cox has poured scorn on plans to remake his films Total Recall and RoboCop, insisting classic movies should be left alone.
The sci-fi hits are being revamped for new audiences following a string of successful big-budget reboots in recent years, but the veteran star maintains screenwriters should come up with new ideas.
He tells, "I hate sequels and remakes. I thought both films were pretty well realised, so I don't see the point in finding something good and just doing it again. Someone once said that doing a sequel is like putting on a wet bathing suit. Same is true with a remake."
Cox is also adamant his 1972 adventure thriller Deliverance wouldn't be as hard-hitting if it was made in 2012.
He adds, "It couldn't be made the way the film was made then. We did all that canoeing ourselves. With today's Cgi, it would be done in a completely different way. That rape scene was so raw, in some ways, I don't know that films today would be able to pull that off."