LATEST: Ronnie Wood's estranged wife JO is reportedly moving to America in a bid to escape her marriage heartache.
Wood is currently in rehab after his affair with 20-year-old Russian Ekaterina Ivanvoa was exposed last month (Jul08).
The guitarist's wife previously stood by him, insisting the affair was the result of his addiction to alcohol - but she has now given up on a reunion and is planning a move to the U.S., according to British newspaper The Sun.
A source tells the publication, "His family hoped his fling with Eka happened because he fell off the wagon.
"Sadly for them he has genuinely fallen head over heels for her. He's like a lovesick puppy and can't shake off his teenage-like infatuation. Jo's moving to the U.S. to piece her life back together.
"Being away from memories of Ron will do her good."