Ronnie Wood's former lover Ekaterina Ivanova binged on cocaine with the Rolling Stones legend just hours after meeting - before she passed out on the rocker's bed.
The Russian met Wood in the summer of 2008 when she was a waitress in a London bar, and admits she was immediately attracted to the ageing musician.
Ivanova reveals their first meeting turned into an all-nighter as they indulged in line after line of cocaine - and she stayed in his hotel room for the following two days.
She tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "(When we met) I sat next to him with a cigarette and dropped some ash on his trousers. He said, 'You've ashed on my trousers'. I looked him up and down and said, 'I don't give a f**k'. He just went, 'I love you'. Basically I was rude, he was kind of sleazy and we kind of bounced off each other.
"A group of us went off to The Hempel Hotel in West London and stayed up all night doing cocaine and drinking. I don't know whose coke it was but it just appeared on the table and Ronnie did some and so did I. Maybe four of five lines.
"I ended up passing out in his bed, but we spent the next two days together. It was very touchy feely but nothing happened between us. I did fancy him. I liked arrogant guys in bands with tight jeans and he was the ultimate guy in a band."
Wood walked out on his wife of 23 years, Jo, after his affair with Ivanova was made public. Their divorce was finalised in November (09). The rocker split from the waitress after an altercation in Surrey, England last month (Dec09) which resulted in Wood's arrest.