Rocker Ronnie Wood once woke up to find late comedian John Belushi down on his knees proposing to his girlfriend. Wood and his now-wife Jo lived in Los Angeles with their children in the early 1980s before they got married, and Animal House star Belushi was a regular guest. But Belushi, who was married, became infatuated with Jo - much to the Rolling Stone's amusement. Wood writes in his autobiography Ronnie: "John was our real friend and a total loose cannon. He was a lovely man and had the hots for Jo. "One night I fell asleep on the couch and… John said, 'Jo, run away with me.' Jo tried to make him understand, 'Come on, John, my boyfriend is asleep on the couch right next to us and you're asking me to run away with you.' He said he was serious. 'I love you.' "Jo reminded John that they always had a great time together, but as friends, and that she loved him, but as a friend. "That's when I woke up and found John on his knees, proposing to her: 'Marry me.' I announced, 'John if you weren't so fat and ugly I'd take that as a threat.'" Belushi died of a drugs overdose in 1982.