Ronnie Wood will marry ''earlier rather than later'' in 2013.

The Rolling Stones rocker got engaged to theatre producer Sally Humphreys after just six months of dating, and she says they plan to wed soon, with Rod Stewart, who was in The Faces with Ronnie, acting as best man.

Sally, 34, has also not ruled out having children with the 65-year-old rocker, saying: ''Maybe. There are no plans but there are no non-plans.''

Sally will be Ronnie's third wife after the late Krissy Findlay, whom he was wed to from 1971 to 1978, and Jo Wood, who he was married to from 1985 until 2008, when he left her for a 21-year-old cocktail waitress.

Sally has known Ronnie for a number of years, but the time has never been right for them to get together before.

She explained to the Evening Standard newspaper: ''Ronnie was married and then Ronnie wasn't married. I have had boyfriends, then I didn't have a boyfriend. It had to wait until everyone was clear. But I definitely feel like I have ended up in the right place.''

She also says she's not worried by the 31 year age gap between them, adding: ''There is an age gap. I would prefer it if there wasn't but there is but maybe I'm a bit older and he's a bit younger at heart.

''Actually, I think that's good in a way. That's what people should be doing, looking after each other.

''On the other hand, I could be struck by lightning or knocked down by a bus. I can't not allow good times now because in 20 years' time it will be different.''

Sally also told how Ronnie had asked her parents for her hand in marriage, as is traditional.

She said: ''Ronnie invited my parents down to London for the premiere of [Rolling Stones documentary] 'Crossfire Hurricane' and he asked my dad the next day.''