Ronnie Wood can barely see the audience when he is playing a concert.

The 65-year-old Rolling Stones rocker admitted he finds it difficult to see the crowd when he isn't wearing his glasses at gigs and finds himself waving to imaginary people.

He told BBC Radio: ''If I ain't got my glasses on I can only see the first couple of rows.

''I am waving at imaginary people because I need glasses for long distance.

While Ronnie has been having trouble making out his fans, lead singer Sir Mick Jagger has been taking the opportunity to poke fun at his expense.

Ronnie added: ''The other day with the signs people hold up, I asked Mick 'What does that sign say?'. And he said, 'I think it says you're rubbish'.''

While the band were known for their hard living throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s, drummer Charlie Watts insists they are no longer able for it.

He said: ''There's no sort of going to bed at five in the morning. It's quite normal to wander down the corridor and go to bed at five in the morning when you're young. None of us do that. We try to do it, but by 2am we're [gone].''