Rocker Ronnie Wood was shamed into rehab in 2010 after realising his children had lost their trust in him.
The Rolling Stones star, who has battled an ongoing drink problem for decades, entered a clinic for the eighth time following a violent altercation with his then-lover Ekaterina Ivanova.
And Wood reveals he felt compelled to take control of his life and seek treatment after noticing his grown-up children were distancing themselves from him.
He tells the Radio Times, "The drink wasn't working, the dope wasn't working. I wasn't getting high, I was getting p**sed off... I wasn't making any decisions. Even my own kids were like, 'We can't ask Dad, he's too out of it'.
"I became a little bit ashamed of myself, in that I'm not like that. I am capable of taking care of my own life."