Ronnie Wood's ex-wife Jo has accused the rocker's legal team of forcing her to close down her skincare business.

The former model, who divorced the Rolling Stones guitarist in 2009 following his affair with a young waitress, claims lawyers acting for Wood pushed him into demanding she dissolve Organic Beauty Products Ltd, a company she set up in 2003 while the couple was still married.

Wood insists she now has to sell her skincare range to pals or give products away for free as she is no longer allowed to sell them online through her own website.

She tells Britain's Mail on Sunday, "All of my products are just sitting around in a warehouse. I'm not allowed to sell anything under that name, so I sell all my stock privately or to friends for cash or I give things away in goody bags at parties.

"He's a weak man, Ronnie - he listened to his lawyers. Ronnie's lawyers forced me to shut it down because I originally set it up when I was still with him."