Ronnie Wood has reportedly rekindled his relationship with Ekaterina Ivanova.

The 63-year-old rocker left his wife Jo Wood for the Russian waitress in 2008 and had a 14-month relationship with Ekaterina before they separated following his arrest for an "assault" on her in December 2009.

Despite their bitter split, Ronnie has reportedly been begging Ekaterina for dates behind the back of his 31-year-old Brazilian polo coach girlfriend Ana Araujo.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Ronnie's love life is never simple. Ana had been really good for him and settled him right down. They have lived in each other's pockets for over a year but he still has feelings for Ekaterina.

"He is never far away from pressing the self-destruct button. When Ana found out he was back in touch with her, she went bananas."

After a row with Ana over his contact with Ekaterina, Ronnie is said to have contacted ex-wife Jo for advice but she "doesn't have any sympathy from him complicating things".

The source added: "Ronnie has done what he always does - drops himself in it and then rings round his former partners looking for sympathy."

Ronnie's spokesperson has confirmed he and Ekaterina, 22, "are friends again".