Ronnie Wood has raised £200,000 for rhinos conservation at a wildlife charity auction.

The 71-year-old rock star managed to raise the eye-watering sum during the Tusk Rhino Trail auction at Christie's in London, with the rhino he painted with his two-year-old twins, Alice and Gracie, helping to generate much-needed funds for the cause.

During the bidding process, the Rolling Stones star added: ''I'll throw in some VIP Stones tickets, too!''

The auction was also attended by British singer Katherine Jenkins and her six-month-old son, Xander.

Katherine, 38, revealed that her son is already following in her musical footsteps.

The blonde beauty - who also has a three-year-old daughter called Aaliyah - told the Daily Mail newspaper: ''He's already singing. He sings a lot to himself, and both the children are going to be brought up with music so we would like to always encourage that.''

Meanwhile, Ronnie previously insisted that while luck has played a part in his success, he's also always had a good work ethic.

The British rocker is famous for having lived a life of excess, but Ronnie has been diligent about his music career, too.

He said: ''I've definitely been in the right place at the right time, with a little bit of manipulation on my part, just kind of pushing everybody out of the way and getting in.

''There was also a lot of work. Even as a teenager, I'd be up into the small hours, practising, getting a little lick on my guitar, figuring out how it went together. You make it look like you stumbled on a sound, but a lot of work has gone into it.''

Asked whether he would choose to live his life in exactly the same way, he explained: ''I was going to say, 'Without the smoking' ... but when I was growing up, everyone smoked!''