Ronnie Wood has removed all the alcohol in his home bar on his girlfriend's wishes.

The Rolling Stones star - who was renowned for his hard-drinking lifestyle - was told to get rid of the "booze" in the bar at his mansion in Clane, County Kildare, Ireland, by his polo teacher girlfriend Ana Araujo and replace it with coffee.

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, he said: "I used to pour the best pint of Guinness in Ireland. But Ana has made me get rid of the booze and turned the place into a coffee bar."

Ana has also revealed 64-year-old Ronnie has not touched a drop of alcohol in the time they have been together.

She said: "I've been with Ronnie for two years and he's not had a drink in all that time."

Ana is not the first person to confirm Ronnie has overcome his alcohol demons.

Mick Hucknall, who is the singer in Ronnie's band The Faces, insists the guitarist never joins him and the rest of the group for a post-concert drink.

Mick said: "I still have a drink. I love a drink because I've never had that problem, that disease. I know my limit. But it's hard for Ronnie when we come off stage and have a drink and start buzzing.

"Poor Ron wants to get out of it before we start talking rubbish. I think he is still sensitive to it being around but at the same time, I really feel he's not struggling any more."