Ronnie Wood thinks he is too old to have more kids.

The 65-year-old Rolling Stones rocker - who has four children from his two previous marriages - and his new wife Sally Humphreys love looking after little ones, but have decided against starting a family together and will instead shower their love and affection on a pet dog.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''It's tough when you get to my age. A lovely little baby lives next door and whenever we pop round the mum goes, 'Gladly, oh please [take them]...' Next, we're going to get a puppy.''

It seems Ronnie and 34-year-old Sally - who married in December - have had a change of heart as it was previously claimed they were keen to start a family together, and the rocker has been inspired by his two best men Rod Stewart, 67, and Sir Paul McCartney, 70, who both have young children.

A source said recently: ''Sally has always wanted to have children and thinks Ronnie will be a great dad to them now he's settled down. They have enjoyed being by ­themselves and have a real laugh but a baby is something they both really want in the near future.

''Ronnie thinks the world of Rod and they spend a lot of time together. There isn't really any pressure to have kids but it seems like the natural thing to do. The feeling is that if Rod can do it, so can Ronnie.''