Ronnie Wood took his now-wife Sally to Sir Paul McCartney's wedding on their first date.

The Rolling Stones rocker became friends with the 38-year-old theatre producer in 2003, but their relationship didn't turn romantic until some time later, and the brunette beauty began to think differently about her pal when she accompanied him to the Beatles legend's nuptials with NANCY SHEVELL in 2011.

Sally recalled: ''There was this lovely family atmosphere and Ronnie and I had a real laugh. We danced and it was the first time I remember thinking of him in a completely different way.''

A few weeks later, the 69-year-old rocker wrote a letter to Sally about how deeply he felt for her, and on the advice of a friend, she agreed to give things a go and the pair will celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary next week.

And Sally - who has six-month-old twins Alice and Gracie with Ronnie - insists the 30-year age gap between them has never been a problem.

She said: ''You know what, I find it rude when people talk unkindly about it... Yes, he is older and I am younger, but I don't think about age when I think of Ronnie. He's always had this unbelievably positive, youthful energy about him, which I absolutely love.

''I also think there is a lot to be said for marrying an older man. He knows who he is, he knows what he wants. He makes me happy, we laugh and he's a great dad. He's so relaxed and incredibly creative.''

The 'Brown Sugar' rocker is a hands-on dad who is happy to change nappies and get up with the babies during the night.

Sally laughed: ''He says the babies keep his hours, so he's really happy to be up in the night with them.''

Sally and Ronnie - who has sons Jesse, 40, Tyrone, 33, and Jamie, 43, and daughter Leah, 38, from his previous marriages -

haven't ruled out having more kids in the future.

She said: ''I'm definitely not saying no. Before the twins were born, I didn't think any further than them. But they are such lovely, happy babies I think it would be incredible to do it again with the knowledge I now have.

''Our life is complete just as we are, but you never know what will happen.''