Ronnie Wood's wife JO fought off years of ridicule from the Rolling Stones over her natural food obsession - only to discover the ageing rockers eat organic themselves. Jo Wood - who changed her diet after suffering a health scare - was regularly mocked by guitarist Keith Richards over her fervent endorsement of wholesome food, and was stunned to learn his wife Patti Hanson was cooking him up organic meals daily. And having converted all of the Stones to organic eaters, including Sir Mick Jagger and his former wife Jerry Hall, Jo is now turning her attention to Rod Stewart and his wife Penny Lancaster. She says, "The Rolling Stones used to tease me when I preached to them. Keith Richards would say, 'Jo, you're addicted to organic food.' That made me giggle. But while he was taking the mickey out of me, his wife, Patti, was preparing him organic food. "Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger eat organic now. After (drummer) Charlie Watts recovered from throat cancer, he really appreciated the health benefits too. I can't wait to get my hands on Penny Lancaster and Rod Stewart."