Ronnie Wood was planning to settle down and start a family with his ex girlfriend Ekaterina Ivanova prior to his arrest for allegedly choking her last month (Dec09).
The Rolling Stones star walked out on his wife of 23 years, Jo, in the summer of 2008 after his affair with the 21 year old was made public.
But despite recently admitting their romance was tumultuous, the former waitress reveals the couple was secretly planning to marry after his divorce from Jo was finalised.
Ivanova tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "We rented a flat together in North London and spent months just madly in love. We got a dog and we'd drink hot chocolate by the fire. No two people had ever been so in love.
"We spoke about getting married. If his divorce had come through we might have just got married there and then. And we talked about babies. We'd mess around and say that if we had a boy we'd call him Ivan Ivanova Wood, and if we had a girl it could be Holly Wood."
Wood's divorce was made final in November (09). The rocker split from Ivanova last month (Dec09) following a bust-up in Surrey, England.